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Set yourself up for success in the HSC these holidays 



Catch up from the comfort of your home


Start off on the right foot

Catch up on what you missed before the HSC year begins



Sessions are $30/hour

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During the school holidays, on Fridays 6pm-8pm for Maths Advanced and Saturdays 1pm-3pm for Maths Extension 1
It is a three week holiday revision workshop running from the 24th September to the 8th October


Anyone wanting to understand he entire year 11 course and catch up on what they've missed. Currently running classes for maths advanced and extension 1 maths.
Small class sizes of 1-4 people


100% online classes

Catch up on what you missed

Improve from a disappointing prelim result

Start on the right foot

Set yourself up for success

Get ahead

Take time during the holidays to improve your skills

Understand and improve

You can't improve without understanding first, let us help with that

Maths advanced and extension 1 workshops that catch you up on what you've missed, so that you can start well

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