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Just a few reasons why students love Converge:


Track Progress

See how you have improved over the year and keep track of your progress


Access to Lesson Workbooks, Quizzes and Mock Exams

We provide weekly lesson booklets with exam-style questions, lesson notes and guides to help aid your learning


Ease of Access

Students can join our online lessons from anywhere, provided they have internet access

High-Performing Tutors

Highly Structured Lessons

Helpful Tutors

We take tutoring seriously

Lessons carefully designed to ensure understanding, progress and confidence.

Support 24/7

Are you stuck on a particular question? Or perhaps you need some help with an assessment? Our tutors are here to help students every step of the way

Opportunities to Apply Learning

Our students explore concepts in a wide variety of situations and are prepared for assessments through early exposure to exam-style questions to apply their understanding