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"What really helped me was how the lessons were taught so I could have the ability to understand how everything works together"

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See how you have improved over the year and keep track of your progress
We report weekly progress of students


Topic Quizzes

We quiz our students to see how much they've understood and help develop exam skills


Live lessons

Our classes are *not* recorded, our tutors show a dedication to teach students every week and provide immediate support

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Detailed Lesson Booklets

We provide weekly lesson booklets with exam-style questions, lesson notes and guides to help aid your learning


Helpful Tutors

Are you stuck on a particular question? Or perhaps you need some help with an assessment? Our tutors are here to help students every step of the way


Ease of Access

Students can join our online lessons from anywhere, provided they have internet access

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Some answers to frequently asked questions

Converge online tutoring works similarly to face-to-face tutoring, just online. They are live classes where tutors go through lesson content, as well as exam-style questions.

Our small group class sizes (4-10 students) ensure that each student is able to contribute to the understanding of concepts and be engaged. 

We have small class sizes so that students have the benefits of one-on-one tutoring, without the price tag. However, if our small class sizes aren’t the right fit for you, we do offer one-on-one tutoring starting at $60 an hour. To set up an online one-on-one tutoring class please contact us.

Resources will be available online for students, and can be printed at home (however, not distributed). We also offer to print the resources and deliver them to the student’s address.

Yes, even though we have highly competitive pricing, we offer additional discounts for students enrolling in more than one course. Please contact us for more information regarding this. 

Our pricing is calculated on a per-term basis, and direct debiting occurs weekly. 

Students who miss a lesson are advised to attend a parallel class during the week and should contact their tutor.

Students who are unable to make it for a parallel class and request a catch up lesson will be charged accordingly.

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