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Stella Yousif

Graduating with a 99.75 ATAR, Stella has tutored numerous students over the years, with a focus on understanding over memorising- a tool, she says, “sets students apart from the rest”

Julie Nasif

Julie has a passion in Mathematics and Physics which has enabled her to tutor a range of students as young as primary and up to university. She believes each student is unique and aims to strengthen and improve their individual abilities and skills.

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"I was actually taught how to understand the work instead of just memorising stuff for a test."
1st in Class
"The tutors really care about your learning. I wasn't doing well in maths and I had no idea why. But since learning with Stella, I was able to pinpoint exactly what I needed to work on."
Improvement in Maths
"I learnt different ways to answer questions and tutors like Julie made sure that I understood before moving on."
Year 12 Physics Student
"The caring teachers helped me improve my maths skills so I can tackle the harder questions which we get in class tests."
Mathematics Student

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